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Tobias Benner


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Soccer is my greatest passion – for me, it’s more than just a sport. Just two days after I was born, my parents enrolled me with my home club in Frankfurt, so really, I never had a choice. According to the records, I played my first points-based game when I was three, with a pudding-basin haircut and a ball that reached almost to my knees. At the age of eight I started playing for Hamburger SV, staying there till I joined Heider SV in the Oberliga (“Fourth Division”) at the age of nineteen. A few months later – through sheer good fortune – a video of one of my free-kick goals was seen by an Irish company who arranged for me to go to a college in Dallas, Texas. I played there for one and a half years before my career in high-level soccer was prematurely cut short by a knee injury.
Once I was back in Germany, it didn’t take long for me to see that I’d had the time of my life in America – and that’s why my aim now is to help as many others as possible to live out the same dream that came true for me. I’m the first point of contact for players and their parents, I negotiate with colleges alongside Gearoid and I take care of all other sporting and organizational requirements.

Gearoid O’Sullivan


More about Gearoid

I started playing football when I was still running around the neighborhood in nappies – and the Beautiful Game has had its hooks in me ever since …
I got to know Tobias Benner at a soccer showcase in Dublin. As good fortune would have it, we not only ended up at the same college but also wound up as roomies. Right from the start we got on like a house on fire – in fact, we’ve been close friends ever since his first trip to Dublin. Our friendship also brought benefits in terms of our performance on the field, helping us and our team reach the final of the National Championship as well as sharing incredible experiences like home games in Dallas, tournaments in Washington, D.C. or away matches in New York.
We both feel we had the time of our lives in America. For me, it was a dream come true, and because I want to help as many people as possible to realize their dreams, I’m not just the Peak Scholars CSO, working alongside Tobias in negotiations with colleges – if required, I’ll also give you the benefit of my experience as a licensed personal trainer, help you get your scholarships and make sure you’re 100% prepared when you arrive in America!

Thanks to us and our partners, you’ll be fully prepared for your trip to America!

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